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About us


Sopro means “breath of nature”, like the breeze of the ocean in a summer day or the whisper of the wind blowing autumn leaves.

Handmade in Portugal, Sopro Jewellery portrays nature and its elements as they go through season’s changes. The shapes, the textures and the colours, in a continuous cycle of transformation and renovation. The author, Andreia Lima, has had a close connection to nature since childhood. She used to play with leaves and bugs, creating an imaginary world that now comes to life in the form of jewellery. 

Delicate, feminine and full of charming details, Sopro Jewellery collections are very versatile, offering different versions and combinations. Every piece is carefully designed and executed to perfection to guarantee its uniqueness. 

The collections follow nature’s paths. “Spring” portrays fresh colours and shapes, mainly leaves that appear to be softly blown by the season’s breeze. “Love me Love me Not” evokes the purest feelings inspired by the spring blossoms. In “Myosotis”, the flowers gain structure representing deeper feelings as loyalty and true love. “Sea” collection dives into summer colours and shapes, with lively pieces perfect for the warm season. “Corium” is inspired by the shape, texture and movement of the serpent, a mythological symbol of rejuvenation and eternity. “Stars” collection embodies the infinite light of constellations in a summer night sky.

Andreia Quelhas Lima
SOPRO Designer